Knowledge and social opinions about physiotherapists

Authors: Bartocha E., Górecka A., Szynal M., Knapik A.

Published online: 18 September 2017

Background: Physiotherapy is an integral part of medicine, both in terms of prevention and treatment. Despite the long history of healing with movement and other physical factors, physiotherapy is considered to be a young field of medicine, and the occupation of the physiotherapist in the social consciousness is in the building phase. The aim of the study was to investigate the interest in physiotherapist.

Material/Methods: The study involved 199 people, including 117 women (58.79%) and 82 men (41.21%), residents of the Silesian Voivodship. Age of respondents: 16-81 years (x = 46.22, SD = 13.45). The research tool was an original questionnaire. Closed questions concerned the interest in physiotherapist profession, self-assessment of knowledge and its sources, opinions on the availability and quality of services, and the social prestige and profitability of the physiotherapist profession.

Results: Respondents most often declared that their interest in the profession is poor or average, but they evaluate their level of knowledge of the profession as high. The prevailing opinions are that the availability of physiotherapist services is large, but at patients own expense, and the cost-effectiveness of the profession is average. Women revealed greater interest and declared more knowledge of the profession than men. Differences also concerned the opinions on the profitability of the profession.

Conclusions: The public interest in physiotherapist profession is on an average level, positive opinions about physiotherapists prevail, especially among older people. The profession is considered to be averagely profitable.