Physiotherapeutic interventions in patients with migraines

Authors: Piejko L.

Published online: 22 July 2017

Abstract: Migraine headaches represent one of the most frequent chronic problems which significantly impact on the limitation of everyday human functioning. Despite pharmacological treatment, many people also need preventive care to reduce intensity of the symptoms of the disease, reduce frequency of migraine attack and to enhance the response to the abortive treatment. New strategies of combining pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment have been demonstrated to be as effective as taking modern medicines. Unfortunately, the awareness of availability and effectiveness of non-pharmacological methods to treat migraines remains to be insufficient. Therefore, the need arises for educating medical staffs and patients and continuation of the research in this field of science. The study presents a brief characterization of the disease, discusses non-pharmacological methods to treat migraines and proposes the guidelines for physiotherapists to be used in the clinical practice.