We are pleased to present a new scientific journal Physiotherapy and Health Activity. It has been developed based on the creativity and work of faculty of the J. Kukuczka Academy of Physical Education (APE) in Katowice, Faculty of Physiotherapy, together with the many years of experience of the Editors of „Methodological-scientific Booklets” issued by APE in Katowice. The objective of the Editors of the new journal is to integrate the science of those who deal with the subject matter of physiotherapy, rehabilitation, occupational therapy, adapted activity, and with all of those areas where the health of individual constitutes the paramount factor. We, the Editors, want to consistently increase the quality of the journal and to promote this specific knowledge both in our country and abroad.

Our journal has adopted a modern Internet form; therefore, we are able, as soon as the reviewing procedure is completed, to incorporate papers accepted for publication into the most current issue. We want to encourage both young scientific research staff and experienced scientific researchers to submit papers for review. We hope that the suggested scope of subjects makes it possible to build up a wide range of subscribers.


dr Paweł Linek