The principle of system Corefit in rehabilitation of pelvic floor disorders for women in menopause period

Authors: Żak I., Saulicz E., Linek P., Saulicz M.

Published online: 30 November 2015

Background: Pelvic floor dysfunctions, among which urinary incontinence is the most onerous symptom, pose a serious social problem whose significance is probable to grow together with the process of an ageing society and more frequent incontinence episodes in menopausal women. The growing absence of professionally active people suffering from incontinence is prone to result both from plans to raise the retirement age and the process of an ageing society. The concept of Corefit system has been created to meet the incontinent women’s expectations. The above mentioned system is based on an individualized sensomotoric training programme as well as the re-education of incorrect motor patterns resulting in pelvic floor muscle overload. What is also essential for Corefit system effectiveness is monitoring the process of facilitation, which enables constant training plan correction.