The effect of selected elements of lifestyles on the sitting position

Authors: Gruca M., Saulicz E.

Published online: 12 May 2016

Background: According to the Lalonde’s health field, health is determined in more than 50% by human lifestyles. Nowadays, the sedentary lifestyles are dominant and all types of physical activities discussed by Drozdowski are being gradually ousted from everyday life. This results in maladaptive sitting positions. Therefore, the goal of this study was to evaluate the effect of selected components of lifestyle on sitting position.

Material/Methods: The study examined 372 people who declared a healthy status. The research program involved the questionnaire which concerned selected components of lifestyles and measurements of spinal column to evaluate the sitting position.

Results: The study demonstrated a statistically significant positive effect of time of sitting during the day on the sitting position, i.e. the element of lifestyles which can be directly controlled by study participants.

Conclusions: Of the evaluated components of lifestyles, the most essential effect is from time of sitting during the day. The study demonstrated the need for promotion of healthy lifestyles.