Physiotherapy and Health Activity is a reviewed scientific journal addressed to the physiotherapists, physicians of various specialties, physical education teachers and special educators, health educators, trainers, occupational therapists, nurses, pharmacologists, and trainers.

The journal is published by the Faculty of Physiotherapy, Jerzy Kukuczka Academy of Physical Education in Katowice.

The journal accepts original research papers, papers supported with research examples and the overview papers, case studies, clinical observations, scientific meetings minutes, conference announcements, letters to the editor, reviews of books and textbooks in the field of physiotherapy and health physical activity.

The main topical scope of the journal covers issues related to the broadly defined physiotherapy in all its disciplines and areas, healing role of physical activity and adapted physical activity. In particular, the articles on kinetic therapy, physiotherapy, manual therapy, massage, health education, adapted physical activity, sports activities of the disabled persons, special education in the area of health and physical activity, care and treatment of the disabled, legal, economic and organisational aspects of physiotherapist profession, animal physiotherapy, bio-chemical and molecular background of the physiotherapy and physical activity are accepted.

The journal is published four times a year in English, including an abstract in Polish. The editorial office provides a paid opportunity to translate an article into English.

The PHA editorial office accepts for review only the articles developed in accordance with the principles of the Helsinki Convention. In the case of clinical trials interfering in the structures or clinical experiments, the consent of the relevant Bioethics Committee shall be required. In the case of animal studies, the consent of the local Ethical Committee for Research on Animals shall be required.

The editorial office accepts for publishing only those papers that are positively evaluated by the reviewers and editors for themes and significant contribution to the progress of science and/or clinical practice.

On the title page attached to the document all authors shall put a signature equivalent to the statement that: - Submitted paper is their joint work. - Research results have not been published or submitted for publication in any other journal yet. - All authors listed on the title page consented to submission of this paper to the PHA editorial office.

All papers received are first reviewed by the PHA editorial staff. If the paper is considered inappropriate for publication in the journal, the paper’s corresponding author shall be notified immediately, without further review.

If the paper is approved by the subject matter editor at the preliminary stage, it will be further forwarded for review to two members of the Scientific Council. If the paper receives 2 positive evaluations at this stage, it will be directed for publication in the journal. If the reviewers' evaluations vary in opinion, a third reviewer will be appointed, whose opinion shall be binding on the paper publication. In the case of minor infringements, the corresponding author shall be informed urgently and asked to supplement and/or amend the paper.





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