Physiotherapy in the rehabilitation of paediatric burns: a literature review

Authors: Michał Barnat, Andrzej Myśliwiec

Published online:  3 August 2020

Abstract: The aim of the study was to review the latest literature in order to identify physiotherapeutic methods used in the rehabilitation of children who had suffered burns and to determine those which are most effective. Consequently, the PubMed database was searched and 46 works on different methods of rehabilitation used in the treatment of burns in children were analysed. Manual interventions such as scar massage or myofascial manual lymphatic drainage have a positive effect on scar quality. Physical interventions based on the exposure to light offer an effective method to improve scar cosmesis. The use of splints can be considered to prevent contractures. Resistance and aerobic training which increase muscle strength and physical capacity contribute to the recovery of pre-burn fitness. Yoga is also a good method of exercising. Virtual reality opens up opportunities to diversify regular physical exercise. Neither hypnosis nor music therapy have been confirmed to be effective in pain reduction in children.